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Tips For Moving Day to Save Time and Money

  • Have items like beds disassembled. Take pictures and mirrors off the walls, dismount any TV's.

  • Disconnect appliances that are going.

  • Have like items like boxes, pictures frames etc placed together.

  • Same size boxes make stacking much easier, safer, and takes less time. (suggested sizes: small for books, heavy dishes, fragiles. Medium for household items, kitchen pots and pans, garage items and anything else you can fit. Large for clothes, bedding, and any item that will not fit in a medium box).

  • Make sure boxes are securely taped shut so bottoms do not come out.

  • Have TV's boxed up.

  • TV boxes are great for also storing a few large picture frames in together.

  • Have walk ways clear.

  • Have contents of units emptied such as clothes in drawers.

  • If it can go in a box, it is probably best to box it up.

  • Have everything packed and ready to go the as far in advance as you can.

  • We highly suggest getting the insurance on all rental units (if you have a rental).

  • Remember that elevators and stairs, especially those that switch back, will add additional time to a move. If your apartment has multiple elevators to use, we suggest asking the office if they would lock one for use for moving day.



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