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  • Please allergens such as dust and pet hair removed  from items. If items are covered in allergens there may be an additional fee for cleaning $5 per item.

  • Please make sure the home is clean. No pet waste or filth in the rooms. AZ Valley Movers may charge a fee if the conditions are less than desirable to work in and may reschedule your move until a date when the homes has been cleaned. If a rescheduling occurs due to the homes conditions your deposit will be kept and you will need to place another to secure another order.

  • Please have appliances such as washers, dryers, and fridges disconnected and ready to go. The movers will not disconnect or reconnect them.

  • Please have any TV's, pictures, mirrors, and anything else mounted to the wall dismounted. The movers do not offer dismounting or remounting services.

  • Please take care of packing any high value items such as jewelry and small electronics yourself as the movers will not handle these items when packing.

  • AZ Valley Movers offers free basic coverage for all moves at $0.60 per pound per article. There is a $99 insurance option you may purchase that covers up to $2,000 of damages to furniture. This does not cover electronics, specialty items, art, or anything else that is not generally considered furniture.

  • Any claims made to electronics must prove the electronic was in proper working condition before hand.

  • AZ Valley Movers reserves the right to  deny any order that has had bed bugs in the last 6 months. If bed bugs are found during your move and were not mentioned you may be charged for any cleaning fees the moving company incurs as a result. Including but not limited to the cleaning of the moving equipment, truck, office space, and personal homes and effects of the movers if spread to.

  • Additional charges may apply for overweight, oversize, specialty items, large electronics, long distance labor carry, 3+ flights of stairs, safes, appliance moving, antiques, and fragile items such as items with a lot of glass and large glass sheets.

  • We do not load motorized vehicles such as motorcycles or quads into any trucks, trailers, or shipping containers. If you load these items into a rental we pack we are not responsible for any damages to it or the other items.

  • We do not take flammable items or chemicals. If you are moving long distance, we suggest properly disposing of them.

  • We do not take propane tanks. If you are loading a rental DO NOT put the propane tank in after the movers leave. The canister can leak and fill the enclosed space turning it into a giant explosive.

  • AZ Valley Movers does not take claims for damage to walls, doors, floors and other parts of the home smaller than 2"x2" that can be repaired or touched up. The cost of supplies for the repair will be refunded.

  • AZ Valley Movers does not take claims for damages to furniture or property after movers have left as we cannot prove it was our crews fault.

  • AZ Valley Movers will not take claims on any damage to furniture that was previously damaged (as this makes its structure weaker). We also will not cover items that are not properly packed such as lamps, vases, un-boxed TV's, etc.

  • Please make sure animals are secured on moving day. We are not responsible for your pet if they get out.

  • Please make sure children are away from the moving area and not walking around as the movers will be carrying large items and may not see them. We are not responsible for any medical bills if Timmy or Suzy get run over while the guys are carrying a couch.

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